Candidats from Bruges testify

With a team of 3 people, our Bruges office is not our largest. But the principle of quality over quantity applies here. Micheline, Ciska and Gwen are always warm and personal in their treatment of candidates. Together, they can count many years of experience in the recruitment, outplacement, HR consultancy and temorary employment. This plus their drive and passion allows them to provide a tailored approach for each and every client and candidate. We believe this is essential when it comes to HR.

Here, a few of the candidates tell us how the Bruges team made all the difference:


Patrick Bonte is currently working forEngie. He came into contact with Micheline of the Select HR office in Bruges through this channel.

“And now I’m there often. It’s always a warm welcome. You could say I’m a member of the family. They really make time for me and my file is closely monitored. That’s all I ask. This is about my job, after all. At Select HR, I really feel like there’s someone on my side. I get a warm, dedicated service. If I should need to find a new job in the future, I already know where I’ll go for help.”


This is what Christoph De Cock discovered when he was contacted by Micheline about a vacancy:

“When Micheline contacted me, I was still in training at Cevora. I wasn’t actively looking for anything as yet, but she actually called me at just the right time.

Micheline was great at guiding me towards my new job. She really listened, was friendly and enthusiastic. She didn’t stick to the surface of our conversations. I wanted to work in the construction sector, which was what my training was about. But my experience was in another sector. Fortunately, she was willing to overlook that fact. She also gave my CV a thorough going over. As a result of her advice, I was able to give it a complete update.

I’m very satisfied with my new job. But if I need to look for a new one, I will definitely return to Select HR in Bruges.”


“I was in contact with Gwen from the Bruges office recently, a really good and productive experience - totally unlike conversations with other employment agencies.

I have the impression that you work differently, that you dig deeper into who a candidate is and see the whole person.”Publicatie datum: 19 June 2017