More than just a screening

Astrid Lemmens was looking for a new job; after applying for an opening at a law firm, she met Evy Bernaers, a consultant with Select Antwerp. Evy proposed a different challenge with a similar job description but with a corporate culture that was a much better match. From the very beginning, it was clear that Evy wasn’t just proposing any old job, but one that suited Astrid perfectly.

Read Astrid’s testimonial below:

“Evy really took the time, right from that first meeting, to put me at ease and get to know me. While I was sometimes back out the door after just 25 minutes at other recruitment agencies, Evy asked a lot of questions and really listened to what I felt was important in a job.
Evy gave me some good tips about applying for jobs and we talked about the corporate cultures in which I could see myself working. It didn’t even feel like a first ‘screening’ (which it actually was), but more like a close collaboration in search of the right match, the right company for my profile. That’s why I also felt incredibly at ease with Evy.
What I remember most about the application process is Evy’s close follow-up and her sincere sense of involvement. We were in contact a lot after each job interview and I never had the feeling that she pushed me in a certain direction (because I had several pending job applications, also outside of Select). She truly made me feel like she just wanted me to wind up in the right place and I really appreciated that.
Applying for jobs was stressful for me, but her sound advice and useful job application tips genuinely helped me get through it. I didn’t even really know exactly what I was looking for and Evy worked with me to discover this by asking targeted questions. Plus, she has a good overview of the available jobs and the sort of profiles that are wanted for certain job openings. Thanks to Select, I also found job openings that suited my profile faster, without having to spend hours scrolling through the VDAB’s website.
Having someone like Evy around, who follows up on everything closely throughout your job application process was the perfect coaching that I needed. Now that I’ve been working for my new employer, I’ve discovered that it honestly is an excellent match. This only confirms that Evy really did go in search of the right place for me. It might be her everyday job, but for me, it was an important change in my life and the start of an interesting career.”

Publicatie datum: 28 January 2019