Optimally utilising the person behind the employee

Employability expertise and solutions

Select starts by taking the people perspective in your company. We take care of more than the HR strategies and optimising a staff policy. We also take care of the individual. How do I get back into the labour market after a long absence or sudden dismissal? How do I make progress with my development points? What should I do with my career? 


Ending a collaboration in a proper and professional manner

Put a positive spin on a dismissal. Select is ready to take care of your employees. Our experienced coaches always start from the unique perspective of each individual. 

Labour market reintegration

The first step towards a job

Everyone wants to be welcomed back on the work floor, including after a long absence due to a burnout. This is why you support these employees as soon as they want to get back onto the work floor. 

Career guidance

Find the pleasure in your job

First and foremost, a job must be and remain enjoyable to do. Is that no longer the case? Then ask Select to work with you on assessing your career options. The coaches in our certified career centre can assist you with your choices. 

Development paths

Hone your talents

Select starts by taking the perspective of the unique individual in your organisation. Your company can growth alongside your staff when you give them the opportunity to develop their personal competencies, etc. 

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Nathalie de LiraDirector