Take control of your career

Career guidance by experienced coaches

Having doubts about your career? Want to switch careers? Want to find your dream job? Then come to Select, a recognised career centre. Our experienced coaches are ready to assist you with your career questions so that you can find a new enjoyable career. 

Questions about your career?

No longer enjoying your job? Has the balance of work and private life gone awry? Still dreaming of changing career, but dare not take the next step? Or, perhaps you are satisfied with your current work environment, but expect help with a specific challenge, such as giving a presentation or preparing for a performance review? Take control of your career with Select’s help. 

Discrete custom approach

You can go to our recognised career centre to have all of your career questions answered. Our coaches will be happy to get acquainted with you, dispel your doubts, and help you make the big decisions. Every individual is different and, thus, every career too. This is why Select always tailors its methods.

Our coaches take the time to go over every detail with complete discretion and take your competencies and motivation into account. They are able to network to find suitable job vacancies thanks to their depth of experience in recruitment and selection. 


Your challenge
You want to change career direction, find a better balance between work and your private life, improve your job satisfaction, find your dream job, or push past a threshold in your current work environment. You can do all of this with professional guidance. 
Our solution
Career guidance. We work with you to look at your available options, provide advice, and answer the key questions so that you can give your career a boost. Select is a recognised career centre with experienced coaches that work with discretion. 
Why choose Select?
Select is a recognised career centre. Our coaches have an attentive ear and know the labour market inside out. The connection to recruitment and selection allows them to search for open job vacancies that match what you are looking for. 

Would you like some advice? You are welcome to contact one of our experts.