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Human Resources, a crucial department which intervenes in every phase of an employee’s collaboration with the organisation, from his arrival right through to his departure. Our experts manage and have great knowledge of all professions involved in Human Resources.

Work with people in all kinds of roles

People working in human resources are passionate about and interested in individuals and their activities at the heart of an organisation. In all sorts of domains. Whether it concerns administrative employees, HR directors, specialised recruiters or general payroll staff. There is great diversity in the field of Human Resources and each profile must combine more or less the same competences: flexibility, a constant thirst for knowledge and friendliness.

Why use Select to search for HR professionals?

Select has specialists who are dedicated to recruiting HR profiles. These profiles are often difficult to find because they increasingly choose to work independently. Note in addition a wide diversity in HR profiles, which further complicates the search.

elect aims for a perfect match and remains critical when it comes to selection. Our experts know on what basis an HR profile can be considered competent and apply a specific method. After all, the HR professionals at Select know that the candidates themselves are familiar with all the tricks of the trade in the application process. .

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