Select HR Luxembourg: 20 Years of Excellence

Published on: 7 March 2024

In 2024 Select Group is celebrating its 20th year!

The brand started out in Belgium but is providing its services nowadays in the whole of Benelux, as well as North-Africa and the Middle East. The expansion of Select Group in Luxembourg started in 2018. While rooted in Belgium, Select HR Luxembourg now stands as a beacon of quality recruitment services in the heart of Europe.

Select Group comprises a collective of HR companies unified by shared values. Over the past six years, CEO Bart Gonnissen has been seeking out strategic acquisitions. In 2018, the acquisition of Xpertize Luxembourg paved the way for a transformative period, culminating in the rebranding to Select HR Luxembourg in 2019, aligning seamlessly with its Dutch and Belgian counterparts.

With a keen understanding of the Benelux region's intricate cross border dynamics, Select HR Luxembourg specializes in catering to companies operating within this ecosystem. ‘Our strong ties with other brands within Select Group enable us to offer job opportunities to Belgian candidates eyeing Luxembourg and vice versa’, explains Killian Glendon, Country Manager of Select HR Luxembourg. ‘Our team of HR experts in Luxembourg identifies the right talent across diverse sectors including healthcare, finance, commerce & industry.’

One of the reasons Select Group expanded to the Luxembourg region back in 2018, is to service companies who are active in the Benelux. ‘For clients like Deme, DHL or SD Worx, with whom Select HR has built a strong relationship in Belgium, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering across regions,’ explains CEO Bart Gonnissen. ‘Thanks to the team of Killian and its local expertise we can be sure of this.’

Tight connection to Select Group

At the core of Select HR Luxembourg's operations lies a focus on recruitment. ‘From Executive Search, permanent / temporary placements or project-based sourcing, we offer a range of solutions,’ explains Killian. ‘But it doesn't end there. With deep connections to other brands within Select Group, Select HR Luxembourg provides comprehensive HR services, spanning retention strategies, HR strategies, and employer branding.’While rooted in local expertise, Select HR Luxembourg boasts a direct line to its neighboring countries, poised to tackle any HR challenge with finesse.

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