Working at home: our advice

Published on: 21 April 2020

Those who don't need to be outside, stay home. It's been like this since the beginning of the Corona crisis. For many employees, this means working from home. But how best to manage this?

1. Set your alarm clock

Don't think that by working at home, you can suddenly sleep one more hour. To minimize confusion between your body and your biological clock, it's best to get up at the same time each day. You'll find that you'll have a much more relaxed morning and you can now use this time to have a more relaxed breakfast or read a book.

2. Provide a suitable workplace

Set up a separate workplace. Working from your couch or bed may be comfortable but is not recommended in the long run. By setting up a room like an office, or even by delineating part of the kitchen table, you can better distinguish work from relaxation. That way, you don't have to empty a sofa at the end of the day to watch TV or empty a bed to sleep.

3. Exchange your pajamas for normal clothing.

It's tempting to keep your pajamas on or put on a robe, but try to follow your daily work routine and put on something nice, like you would when you go to the office. This will give you more energy. Sleepover days are then reserved for the weekend and will give you even more enjoyment at that time.

4. Build a routine and don't forget to take a break.

Make a schedule in advance or think of a routine. By dividing your day into blocks of 1 to 2 hours, for example, you will get many more results. Also plan a break. At the office, there are colleagues you can chat with or go to the cafeteria. At home, no one will take you away from your seat. So plan a break yourself.

5. Say hello!

At the office, you say "good morning" to your colleagues every morning. Why can't you do that when you work from home? Let your colleagues know you're connected via a whatsapp message or e-mail. Want to start your day in a fun way? Make a quick video call every morning.

6. Think about your lunch

Don't forget to fill your refrigerator in advance. After all, you don't want to go to the grocery store during your lunch break. It may seem like a small outing, but it takes longer than you think, so you'll need to hurry back behind your computer. Fill your fridge in advance and use the time you have to make a special lunch.

7. Stop in time

At the office, you close the door behind you at the end of the working day. Try to include a ritual at home to mark the end of your work day. For example, let your co-workers know that you log off, pack up your stuff, lock your laptop and go for a walk. That way, you can start your work day at home the next day in a relaxed manner.

Select employees also work from home.

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